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Tiffany Applegate

Tiffany R. Applegate

Tiffany Applegate, President of Applegate Consulting, has a passion for nonprofit organizations that is evident in her work and the life she lives. She has long been a community volunteer and donor, as well as a consultant serving nonprofit organizations and funders.

As a consultant, Tiffany has provided thousands of nonprofits expertise and practical guidance for building, strengthening, and growing their organizations and increasing their impact. Through her work, she helps organizations identify their challenges and unique opportunities for growth and then provides them with practical tools and resources to meet their goals.

In addition to working directly with nonprofit organizations, Mrs. Applegate has served as a trainer for two federally funded capacity building initiatives, provided training and technical assistance for a variety of State and Federal programs, and currently serves as the lead trainer and coach on a capacity-building initiative funded by the Community Foundation of the Ozarks. She also authors a monthly newsletter on marketing and community engagement strategies, is a contributing writer for 501Connect, and serves on the Advisory Board of GOLEAD, a capacity-building program provided through Missouri State University.

Our Values

Relationships are a top priority; therefore, we are intentionally relational.

Principles are more important than profits; therefore, we will only work on projects that don't compromise our principles and beliefs.

Integrity is essential; therefore, we will behave honestly and ethically in all our dealings.

Everyone has value; therefore, we will focus on the strengths of the individual and organization in order to achieve mission fulfillment for our clients.

Respect is a requirement; therefore, we strive to esteem and honor our clients and partners in all situations.

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OUR MISSION is to train and equip nonprofit leaders and staff with the skills and resources needed to increase organizational impact and achieve mission fulfillment.


Nonprofit Consultant - PartnerKevin D. Monroe, Partner at X Factor Consulting, is a recognized leader in helping nonprofits build sustainable organizations and programs. Applegate Consulting has partnered with Mr. Monroe and X Factor on numerous capacity-building projects and presentations.

Nonprofit ConsultingMatthew Ennis, Strategic Partner, is an accomplished development and marketing professional offering years of experience to various industry businesses and nonprofit organizations. Matthew brings years of practical experience and success in nonprofit management to the clients he serves.

"When it comes to connecting with people on the ways to better your organization, Tiffany Applegate is superb! We have had Tiffany join our Lead Staff for an on-site training and we have utilized her for a number of phone coaching sessions with our Recovery Center Directors. What really Snow Peabody, Nonprofit Coaching Servicessets Tiffany apart from many other professionals in her field is her heart for ministry!"

Rev. Snow Peabody
Executive State Director
Teen Challenge of Arizona